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Air source ozone generator

Air source ozone generator function and purpose:
1 sterilization:
(1) food plants, pharmaceutical plants need on the surface of the raw materials and other streaming immersion sterilization, and the formation of the sterile surface of raw materials (packaging containers high concentrations of ozone gas contacts complete disinfection). Such as fruits, etc. can be achieved after washing sterile and can be made from the concentrated juice.
(2) the processing of aquatic products - frozen prior to packaging, high concentration ozone water spray sterilizing or streaming immersion sterilization, health indicators of aquatic products reached a perfect control, to avoid the use of chlorides bring residual chlorine excessive.
(3) in the liquid food processing (such as drinks, fruit juice, etc.) and the pharmaceutical production process, high concentration ozone water can be used for piping, the soaking and washing of the production equipment and packing containers, so as to achieve efficient sterilization. Piping, equipment and containers on the surface of bacteria and viruses shower and killed a very simple and easy way. That does not produce dead ends, but also to avoid the emissions of harmful substances using other chemical disinfectants and residual ozone without any residual and secondary pollution.
(4) can be widely used in guesthouses, hotels, offices, canteens, disinfection tableware, fruits and vegetables; well as children's toys, disinfection of surfaces.
2, the pesticide degradation: can be widely used in the public cafeteria diet, fruit and vegetable processing plants, food processing plants, etc., used to remove harmful substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, food additives.
3, water treatment: anti-algae can be widely used in industrial water, sterilization, aquaculture water disinfection disease prevention, the sewage treatment process deodorant, bleaching, sterilization and other processes.
4, food preservation: It can be widely used in refrigeration plant, food processing plants, livestock slaughter plant units in the production process of raw materials and finished goods storage, preservation, disinfection process.
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