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Corona ozone generator

There are two types of Corona ozone generator technology manifestations, including discharge along the surface and the air-gap discharge two.
Creeping discharge. Creeping discharge type generator principle discharge areas occur in the edge surface of the high-voltage electrode, and to flashover formed by the high pressure. Creeping discharge zone air corona energy concentration, higher power densities, the need for good cooling.
Type of ozone generator is filled with inert gas is neon (Ne) or (Ar) of the glass tube and the ceramic sheet two. Inflatable glass discharge generator abroad called ozone generator lamp, early 1980s the foreign ocean the food refrigeration Funakura sterilization mildew on the use of this ozone generator. Of Handan, Dalian lights shipbuilding industry units first developed this product made generator 5g / h for eggs, fruits and vegetables, cold storage, disinfection and preservation. Simple structure, process requirements, China has quickly developed a micro-tube generator for the medical industry and disinfection cabinet, a large number of cheap. The test of practice, however, found that most of the ozone machine very short-lived, generally the amount of ozone generated after hundreds of hours of continuous work depleted.
Ozone generator ceramic piece data found in the Japanese patent literature in the 1970s to 1980s Anshan Electrostatic Technology Research Institute in cooperation with the Japanese side, the introduction of production technology, Northern Jiaotong University, Chongqing Teachers College during the same period also cooperation in the development of the the similar ceramic plate ozone generator products. In the 1990s, a group of companies launched several specifications ozone generator ceramic pieces, and plasma generator title. The simple structure of the ceramic pieces, process standardization price will be relatively low, and their life expectancy is longer than the gas-filled glass tube. Institute of Anshan electrostatic to using polar closed ceramics, high-pressure polar oxidation coating process, improve the quality and extend the life of a lot of good.
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