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Corona ozone water

There are two types of Corona ozone water technology manifestations, including discharge along the surface and the air-gap discharge.
Surface discharge device small electric consumption, and ozone production in grams below the rank of medical, home appliances, micro-generator ozone generator source selection has a great advantage. As difficult industrial applications, power consumption is high.
Air-gap discharge. The air-gap discharge ozone generator ozone generator is the most industrial applications, the largest single-output technology is more mature products. It is divided into two kinds of plate and tubular structure.
Plate structure ozone generator stamping disc enamel technology, the discharge gap is small, high precision machining, high concentrations of ozone generators, running is more stable, existing industrial scale applications. China enterprises began to study this technology to achieve industrial applications needs to be done. Plate structure is suitable for small and medium-sized ozone generator products, large ozone generator with multiple discharge chamber in series and in parallel to achieve higher system requirements.
The tubular structure of the products of the two companies the Ozonia and Weed high ozone generator is widely used in the ozone generator market, the most mature technology and occupies most of our the mainframe ozone generator market. China has stand-alone 45kg / h of application, the international community has a single ozone generator output 500kg / h products running.
Two media generally use glass and non-glass tube ozone generator, power thyristor and IGBT frequency 800hz-5000hz. Been using the above techniques to produce large ozone generator equipment single output of up to 20kg / h.
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