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High voltage ozone generator

High voltage ozone generator selection:
Selection the ozone generator selection is very important from the following several aspects:
1. Determine the model
Procurement of ozone generator must first determine its intended use, and is also used for water treatment in addition to taste for air sterilization. Open-selectable low concentration of economic ozone generator for air handling, which includes gas source open and no gas source open two best selection of gas source models. Class ozone generator structure is simple and inexpensive, but work when temperature and humidity affect the amount of ozone. The open is the most simple ozone generator ozone devices require high place air handling high concentrations of ozone generator should be selected. Air handling 20-50mg/m3 standard delivery selected high value of the food and drug industry. Root with space converter to derive the total amount of ozone (ozone generator output). Must purchase a high-concentration ozone generators used for water treatment (ozone concentration greater than 12mg / L), the low concentration of ozone treated water is ineffective. The high concentration ozone generator for the standard configuration of the gas source and gas source processing device and ozone generating device. Small can be designed into integrated models yield between 5-200g / h, the medium-sized ozone generator basic unit forms of existence.
2. Identify quality
The quality of the pros and cons of the ozone generator manufacturing materials, system configuration, the cooling mode, the operating frequency, the control mode, the ozone concentration, the gas source and energy consumption indicators, and many other identification. Quality ozone generator should be a high dielectric material, the standard configuration (including the gas source and purification device), the dual electrode cooling, high-frequency driver, intelligent control, high ozone concentration output, low power consumption and low gas source consumption.
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