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Oxygen ozone generator

Oxygen ozone generator system design, must be able to prevent a large number of water into the generator.
Condensation water valve obstruction stuck float valve or water seal gas supply compressor air dryer on will cause the generator corona indoor irrigation. The corona an indoor lot of water can cause corona concentrated, high current density and a partial dielectric body heat, causing the premature failure of the dielectric body. Even if the detecting means are cut off before the water enters the corona chamber corona power supply, the impurities contained in the water is also deposited on the surface of the element, these impurities must be removed before continuing. Operational failure or operator error can force the treated effluent from the ozone contact tank to flow to the generator, at least corona element will cause pollution or damage to the dielectric. In addition, the system design and operating procedures must prevent flammable corrosive gases and water vapor from the ozone contact tank reflux into the generator.
Cooling water quality is better, to prevent fouling, and so as not to affect the cooling effect of the generator.
The two pairs of water-cooled generator mining that the fouling of heat transfer surfaces at least cooling water quality is very important. Fouling causes the heat transfer efficiency, thereby reducing the ozone production, and increasing maintenance costs. Technically tap water is preferentially selected coolant, however, for large industrial generators, the water consumption for the use of the water economically unattractive and may only occur in the system is used in the water treatment plant, except in the case. In contrast with the water quality and generally treated sewage as cooling water, the effect is not very good, because it is likely to result in scaling. If the quality of water or other fluids used in the sealed ten times in the cooling circuit, the last stage heat exchanger is designed specifically least fouling; and ease of cleaning, and sewage effluent can also be used as the final stage of cooling use. To the best balance between the water and equipment maintenance costs, system design, the majority of the cooling tower water quality drinking water or a heat exchanger (no suspended solids, chloride <5 mg / L).
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