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Ozone concentration tester

Ozone concentration tester is mainly used for the export of ozone generators ozone concentration detection using ultraviolet light-emitting LED the integration the triage layer light pool structure, automatic zero calibration of equipment during use, to ensure the accuracy of the concentration and to avoid the zero drift,The signal output of 4-20mA and RS-485.
Principle: the use of the characteristics of the the Ozone gas molecules absorb ultraviolet C-band spectrum, the photoelectric conversion, acquisition of technical data analysis and processing in accordance with the law of Bill - Lambert (Beer-Lambert), ozone gas concentration value data display and signal output . Ozone (O3) is a strong oxidizing gas composed of three oxygen atoms in transient, has a strong bactericidal, disinfecting, bleaching, deodorization characteristics, widely used in the disinfection of drinking water, sewage purification, aseptic place of air sterilization purification, food storage and preservation, medical treatment and home air purification. Ozone in the production process, the value of the concentration of ozone gas, yield and production efficiency, etc. Technical Specifications bullied source temperature, humidity, pressure; the impact of the cooling efficiency of the generator, a discharge chamber aging and other factors of the discharge along the surface and have a greater fluctuations, so the use of concentration detection device is installed on the application of ozone equipment online continuous monitoring, and precise control of the concentration of ozone gas, calibration necessary technical means of ozone production. Calibration of the instrument and the annual calibration of the instrument accuracy Germany Ansi Ross imports of ozone concentration detector GM-PRO as a standard instrument.
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