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Ozone generator food sterilization

Hangzhou Rongxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. main produces Ozone generator food sterilization,We have CE , sanitation approved documents awarded by Chinese government , and so on.
Ozone generator used in water treatment works and other occasions, there are many factors that may affect the efficiency of the generator and its reliability in design ozone generator applications must be aware of the following issues:
(1) raw material gas of the generator must never hydrocarbon-containing, corrosive gases, and any other substances can occur within the environment of the oxygen / ozone / corona reaction, thereby to cause harm or damage to the equipment safety.
As we all know, the explosion of the three elements of the fuel, oxidizer and fire, ozone generator corona environment there are two oxidants and fire. Must therefore be to prevent the material in the raw material gas containing a hydrocarbon fuel; hydrocarbon analyzer must be installed if possible presence of hydrocarbons, in order to cut off the power when the hydrocarbon concentration close to 25% of the explosion lower limit (LEL).
Fluorocarbons, such as Teflon or cooling agent can be formed by decomposition of the corona, fluorine, the latter is capable of etching a glass dielectric material, can accelerate dielectric body damage. Circulating cooling fluid around the outside of the corona chamber may leak through the seal and into the corona space, results in forming a layer of paint, coating the surface of the dielectric body. When this happens, due to such a coating reduces the efficiency of ozone production, a dielectric body must be regularly cleaned.
In addition, the feed gas should particles of about 5 μm filter, to prevent a small desiccant powder or other particles from entering the generator corona area. So as not to affect the corona efficiency.
(2) supply pressure can not control change, due to air pressure affect the corona the power induced and across dielectric applied voltage, a wide range of pressure change causes the generator run unreliable. Beyond the corona power range can cause the fuse or automatic circuit breaker disconnect. Beyond the peak applied voltage can cause dielectric premature failure
⑶ ozone generator system design, must be able to prevent a large number of water into the generator.
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