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Ozone generator industrial

Hangzhou Rongxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Ozone generator industrial,company can produce ozone generator from 3g/h~1kg/h and other relative stuffs , products .
The ozone generator gas sources:
Ozone generators are widely used, but higher manufacturing costs. Ozone generator structure is divided, there is a gap discharge (DBD) and two open. The gap discharge structure is characterized by ozone within the range of the gap in the internal and external electrodes produce ozone, ozone to centrally collect output using higher concentrations, such as for water treatment. The open-type generator electrode is exposed in the air, the ozone generated by direct diffusion into the air, due to the lower ozone concentration is usually used only for the smaller the air space of the sterilization or disinfection of the surface of some of the small items. The gap discharge generator can be used instead of open-generator. But the gap discharge ozone generator costs far higher than the open.
The ultraviolet type ozone generator: of the class of the ozone generator is the use of a specific wavelength (185mm) ultraviolet irradiation of oxygen molecule, so that the decomposition of the oxygen molecules produce ozone. Due to the large volume of UV lamps, ozone production is low, life is short, so narrow the scope of the use of such a generator, common in Xiaoduwangui on.
Electrolytic generator: This class of ozone generator is typically pure water by electrolysis to produce ozone. This generator can be produced from a high concentration of ozone water, low manufacturing cost, simple to use and maintenance. The disadvantage of ozone production can not be bigger, short electrode life, ozone is not easy to collect, its use is limited in scope. Current generator only in certain small devices or certain places, conditions do not have to replace the high-pressure discharge type generator.
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