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Ozone generator manufacturer

Hangzhou Rongxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Ozone generator manufacturer,company sincerely look forward to establishing business relationship with your company in the near future.
Ozone generator selection:
Cost-effective: the quality of the ozone generator from design to configure and manufacturing materials were categorized according to their standards, much higher than the cost of a low-grade generator and low profile generator. But the performance is very stable high quality ozone generators, ozone concentration and yield from environmental factors. The low configuration ozone generator by the environmental impact of the large increase in the temperature and humidity of the ozone production and the concentration can be greatly decreased, affecting processing effect. The purchase should its price and performance than the commentary.
Prevent misunderstanding:
A. about whether ozone generator gas source, gas source generator and without gas source generator cost vary greatly. By price advantage to purchasing a gas source ozone generator, you need self with gas supply may eventually spend more money.
B. Understanding the structure of the generator, whether it can be run continuously, ozone output concentration indicators. Such as the need for an ozone generator for water treatment, and to mistakenly select open ozone generator that can not be used.
Confirm that the ozone generator rated label production, is to use the air source marked label production or using an oxygen source. Than the use of air source because the ozone generator oxygen source, ozone production doubled in size, both cost almost double. Buy ozone generator supply and demand sides round communication to avoid into errors, not to use price as the main reference for measuring ozone generator.
Spare machine: not allowed to stop the continuous work places should have a spare machine to buy ozone generator. Uses a purchase with a preparation of principle. Standby unit equipment maintenance or repair process used interchangeably to avoid downtime for maintenance affecting the normal production.
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