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Ozone generator with

Ozone generator with is a device used for making ozone apparatus. Easy decomposition of ozone can not be saved to need on-site preparation of site use (but in a special case can be a short time of storage), who are required to use the ozone generator ozone can be used to place. The ozone generator is widely used in the field of running water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization.
Ozone is recognized worldwide as a broad spectrum disinfectant. Using air or oxygen as the raw material using a high-frequency high-voltage discharge to generate ozone. Ozone than oxygen molecules, a reactive oxygen atom ozone and chemical properties is particularly active, is a strong oxidizer and can quickly kill the bacteria in the air, in a certain concentration. No toxic residues, will not form secondary pollution, known as "the cleanest oxidizer and disinfectant.
The Energized: the chemical equation of the reaction of 3O2 ==== 2O3
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