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Ozone treatment machine

Ozone treatment machine is to obtain a certain concentration of ozone generator ozone output acting on the surface of the skin to achieve therapeutic destination equipment.Such as gynecological treatment Miriam, lumbar disc treatment instrument, ozone fumigation treatment instrument, ozone disinfection machine, oral disinfection machine. As early as in 1920, the Italian professor Marco-Leonardi has already begun to use ozone ablation technology for clinical treatment, later, the technology is becoming more common to Germany, France, the U.S. and other countries. Germany, France and more ozone water keep the oral aseptic do dental surgery, and the use of ozone and radiation therapy combination in treating cancer, the injection of ozone treatment of varicose veins and disc.
The main advantage of the ozone injection treatment of lumbar herniation:
High safety factor, under local anesthesia, fine needle aspiration, the main role in the nucleus, had no effect on other tissues
2. Minimally invasive treatment of risk is small, effective than conservative treatment, while eliminating the pain of surgery
3 precise positioning. CT or C-arm guided positioning accuracy, no deviation;
Rapid onset of action and high efficacy. Radical lumbar chronic problem, generally only one injection, about 20% of the need to register twice, quick
5 patients without significant complications. The ozone itself disinfection, greatly reduce the chances of infection.
6. Both to highlight the the vertebral marrow shrinking, but also to eliminate nerve root sterile inflammation.
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