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Ozone water mixer

Ozone water mixer for the inlet and outlet of the inlet and the outlet to set up a air intake external ozone control unit, and aqueducts, power hoist unit, eddy current, ozone control unit, which aqueducts two-terminalinner and outer wall of the inlet power hoist unit set up a group composed by the magnet blocks and the magnetic reed switch, the magnet blocks can be with the flow size and the shift control, and ozone control unit communicates the reed switch is turned on or off;installed another outlet at the Department of swirl and eddy current outflow water was; borrow water flowing reed turned on at the beginning of to manufacturing ozone, then mixed with water to form ozone water by ozone from the air intake flow.
Product Features:
The ozone mixing effect, water vapor mixing rate of 85%, while backflow prevention can effectively prevent water flow and pressure changes, the water from flowing backward into the discharge chamber of the ozone generator to avoid damage to the ozone machine. Long life, inside and outside all stainless steel structure, more than 20 years of continuous use time. Over water flow the monomer over water flow can exceed 100m3 / h, and convenient for the large flow of water sewage, swimming pool water, aquaculture water treatment. User costs low, as a 10m3 / h water flow this mixer, the price is only a thousand or so, but a 10m3 / h water flow ozone mixing tower, priced at more than 10,000 yuan. Applicable to a wide range of small size, light weight, easy to use and install.
Product Uses: efficient ozone water mixer for mixing of ozone gas and water to disinfect water, or to produce high concentrations of ozone water disinfection with ozone water on certain items, such as the disinfection of drinking water, swimming pool water disinfection sewage sterilization, the breeding water sterilization, disinfection and other food.
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