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Ozone water monitor

Ozone water monitor mainly by the low-pressure ultraviolet lamp, lightwave filter, the incident ultraviolet light reflector, ozone absorption cell, the sample of the photoelectric sensor, sampling the photoelectric sensor, the output display circuit member constitutes.
The main technical indicators:
1 Display Unit: O3 g / m mg / m; ppm
2 Measuring range: 0 ~~ 10 O3 g / m 0 ~~ 100 O3 g / m 0 ~~ 200 O3 g / m
3 detection limit: 10 ppb 3.4 Accuracy: +1% of reading
4. Instrument calibration method
A calibration instrument calibration: Germany Ansi Ross GM-PRO standard ozone detector production of ozone detector distribution select 10 test point comparison, the range of error control within +1% qualified.
2 chemical titration:
The internationally recognized chemical method i.e. potassium iodide, sodium thiosulfate titration to detect the ozone concentration. We also distributed to select the 10 test points, and 10 points were compared using the ozone detector and chemical titration test, the error range is controlled at less than +1%. Potassium iodide titration method principle is a strong oxidant ozone reacts with potassium iodide, iodine freed into the water, the water will become brown. (Reaction: O3 +2 KI + H2O O2 + I2 + KOH) using sodium thiosulfate standard droplet given free iodine into sodium iodide reaction end point for the water completely faded.
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