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Ozone water sensor

Ozone water sensor detection principle:
We know that a layer of the ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere, scientists have found that the ozone layer can absorb ultraviolet radiation, studies show that the ozone only the wavelength 253.7nm ultraviolet maximum absorption coefficient at this wavelength UV attenuation by ozone, in line with Lamport - Beer's law. The method has been the United States and other countries as the ozone standard analytical methods. The ozone detector is to use the principles of the ultraviolet absorption method, with the stability of the UV light source to generate ultraviolet rays, lightwave filter to filter out other wavelengths ultraviolet wavelength 253.7nm only allowed through. After the sample photoelectric sensor, and then through the the ozone absorption cell to reach the sampling photoelectric sensor. Compared samples photoelectric sensors and sampling photoelectric sensor electrical signals, and then after the calculation of the mathematical model, will be able to come to the size of the ozone concentration.
1.2 Ozone water detector: the concentration of mathematical calculation model
The ozone concentration mathematical model (formula) is introduced according to Lambert and Beer's law.
1.3 schematic circuit implementations: basic circuit from the power section, the UV lamp control sampling and testing, sample testing of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light, the logarithmic amplifier Log100, analog output and six major components.
The circuit core part is the mathematical model of the ozone concentration of logarithmic amplifier Log100 to. The LOG100 are 14 pins can be the ratio of two current or voltage as a logarithmic calculation of integrated circuits, a wide dynamic range of the amplifier output current, and can vary between 1nA to 1mA. The output range of error does not exceed 0.1%. Basic wiring
Output formula: Vout = VT × ln I0 / I (Note: VT --- constant output voltage; Vout ---).
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