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Ozone water treatment machine

Ozone water treatment machine characteristics:
1, the the ozone discharge chamber by the outer electrode is made of stainless steel, patent metal enamel discharge body - the high-voltage electrode surface sintering enamel dielectric layer, the discharge chamber the full sealing technology as a whole, and reliable operation.
2, the power supply unit (PSU) is the core technology of the series of models, including frequency conversion and boost the two craft, set up automatic soft start function, has strong with a load capacity and multiple protection features, efficient and stable
3 using air cooling of the discharge chamber, the discharge chamber to achieve the good effect of the discharge
4, the device electrical empty with security features
5, the mixing device a static, dynamic, dual hybrid, greatly improving the solubility of ozone in water
6, ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericidal, its high concentration of ozone generated water has a very strong role in the killing various types of bacteria and viruses
7, oxygen and formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic gases occurred degradation, oxidation and other complex physical and chemical reactions, and non-toxic harmless byproducts, to avoid secondary pollution;
Ozone water machine degradation of pesticides widely present in foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, fertilizer residue.
Efficient disinfection, can quickly kill a large number of bacteria and viruses in the water breeding can also enable the active oxygen-rich water is beneficial to humans.
Disease prevention; the tap after ozone water purifier can efficiently kill virus tableware to prevent disease spread through the cutlery in the public and family members. Efficient to kill the the daily necessities virus, effectively prevent cross-infection.
Healthy skin; used to take a bath, wash your face can completely remove the stains in the pores, activation of epidermal cells, promote skin metabolism.
Hair care salon, foot health. Shampoo dandruff, itching, foot bath can cure athlete's foot with ozone water.
 Affordable; This series of products allows you to enjoy a safe, convenient, high-quality healthy living;
Range of application: Family, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, beauty, salons, schools, food processing forces in areas such as
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