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air ozone purification

air ozone purification used in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial air disinfection:
First, the food and pharmaceutical industry workshop clean room and other industrial clean room, especially sterile production preparations and raw materials, pharmaceutical production, not only to control the general state of suspension aerosol particles in the air, but also to control the number of microorganisms, both provide "no bacteria in food, medicines production must be of the appropriate air cleanliness environment (sterile room). Course "sterile" is relative, is a probability of the concept; professional development of ozone air purifier, ozone O3 pollution-free green gas is generally accepted, are used in food factories, pharmaceutical, cosmetics factory.
1, efficient and thorough: working to produce a certain amount of ozone in a relatively closed environment, spread evenly, inclusive, and the equipment to overcome the inherent shortcomings of ultraviolet sterilization, there are many dead, you can achieve all-round, fast and efficient disinfection The purpose of sterilization.
2, easy to operate: to determine ozone air purifier machine model and the amount of ozone in accordance with the requirements of the sterilization and the volume of space, and validation checks the number of bacteria sterilization time. Sterilization, directly the ozone output port placed in a sterile room or central air conditioning (HVAC) system, the choice of the the boot off time can be 24-hour time controller settings.
3, high cleanliness: Application of ozone for the sterilization agent, stop after 30 minutes, the residual ozone to gradually self-decomposition reduced to oxygen, but also can improve the quality of the air, to optimize the work environment. Therefore, ozone is acclaimed as "green disinfectant machinery and equipment without adverse effects: low concentrations of ozone required to empty the planktonic bacteria inactivated ozone generally only need 2 ~ 4PPM settlement colonies on the surface (instead of the traditional chemical fumigation disinfection) only need about 10 ~ 15PPM. Only 10-15 millionth of the concentration of ozone in the air is 500 one of the concentration of chemical fumigation. Due to the short time of the sterilization process, the proper use does not constitute the object corrosion conditions, which is particularly concerned about.
4, using the economy: in the air as raw material, and low energy consumption, low running costs, good economic returns.
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