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With the extensive application of electronic equipment

With the extensive application of electronic equipment, in order to give full play to their important role in the operation and management, ABC Zoucheng sub-branch attaches great importance to strengthen High voltage ozone generator the management of electronic devices.

    Trip computer, ATM, monitoring, and ancillary equipment, establishment of accounting, to determine into the collar of the person responsible for equipment, registration, distribution, management and maintenance, and designated business office of the room the person responsible for the management of electronic equipment, and quarterly and The management departments check, do the accounts match the reality.

    Based on well maintenance,Ozone water tester outlets, department do the day-to-day management and maintenance of the line electronic equipment managers do roving repair and maintenance; At the same time, strengthen distribution and electronic equipment manufacturing units found difficult fault contact faulty equipment home repairs in a timely manner to protect the normal operation.

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