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SGX regulation with a hot car electronic equipment

From the SGX regulation into effect in the New Ozone generator manufacturer Year, the prohibition to make and receive cell phone in the process of moving, or they will be penalized and fine. Bluetooth headsets and other car products can help the driver "hands free" is particularly popular.

Bluetooth headset from New Year's Day before selling well. Zhujiang do a digital mall accessories business Miss Ho said, "up to a day to sell more than 30."

Bluetooth headset and car phone online more selling. Reporter through Taobao shop search, have Ozone water sensor more than 30,000 items in the morning of January 5, at noon yesterday, 86,097 related merchandise, many stores directly to SGX rules "as the Bluetooth headset publicity Keywords. The Taobao Statistics show that the last two months, a total of over 35 million people-related merchandise purchased with a Bluetooth headset keywords.

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