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wearable electronic device market is fast-growing

  Juniper is expected, even in 2017, running the monitoring equipment will remain dominant in wearable products on the market. Slimming sports equipment, plus the Healthy devices, will account for 80% of the market share, these devices not only the price is relatively cheap, and the power consumption is not high, is very good indeed in terms of the modern Ozone generator manufacturer health-conscious people choice.

Google has been stationed to wearable electronic devices in the next four to five years, there will be more vendors may be involved in this field. "Juniper is expected within the next period of time, the market is driven by from Google, Microsoft, Apple and other manufacturers produced similar reality enhanced optical products, user demand for such products will be increasing," Juniper Research The agency's position. Microsoft and Apple have to do to enhance the reality of the technical aspects of the research, at least it can be seen that recent patent application, such as Microsoft's real-time event augmented reality (liveeventAR) and Apple head-mounted display device patent, although we have not openly that position in this regard.

The application of the growth promoted the rise of the smartphone market,Ozone water tester Juniper forecast wearable technology field will also appear similar growth. App Store development in the market for many businesses and individuals open new profitable way, just as wearable device market, mobility software and effective way to do a better job. "Analysts NitinBhas said," The application of the ecosystem has grown up with the wearable device itself, will more seamlessly augmented reality technology products to add to people's lives. "

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