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Pressure connection between the transmitter and electronic equipment

Pressure transmitters and other electronic devices, Ozone generator machinehow to connect, and the need for short distance connection? If long-distance connections, whether a connector?
The Pressure Transducer first determined to confirm the maximum pressure measurement system, in general, you need to select a pressure butIcan Ozone generator also about 1.5 times larger than the maximum range of the transmitter. This is mainly in many systems, particularly in the pressure measurement and processing, with a peak and sustained irregular fluctuations, such instantaneous peak can damage the pressure sensor, the continuous high pressure value, or slightly beyond the transmitter calibration maximum value will shorten the lifetime of the sensor, however, since to China ozone generatordo so would accuracy decreased. So, you can use a buffer to reduce the pressure glitch, but this will reduce the speed of response of the sensor To view.
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