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Semiconductor and electronic equipment: the pattern of global television Changes Chinese enterprises are facing opportunities

In recent years, the Japanese consumer electronics industry status reasons for the decline in Japanese consumer electronics industry leader, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic substantial loss, CE ozone generator we believe that the main reason is because: 1, technology research and development too we take the initiative, from the actual market demand; 2, New launched slower, and failed to grasp the increasing penetration of the excess profits; 3, the management system is not flexible enough, founder abdication difficult to coordinate the interests of all parties; 4, yen and higher income tax rate in Japan.

Samsung Electronics successfully catch up to the revelation of the Chinese enterprises to improve product quality and design of Samsung Electronics successful catch-up, positive high-end brand is an important measure Ozone water sensor of the Samsung world-renowned. Samsung "iron triangle" of the management system is conducive to quick to make decisions, is a key factor in the rise in the company the face of the changing market demand in the consumer electronics industry environment. And earlier in the hardware industry chain vertical integration layout, components and end products and support each other.

Chinese enterprises are expected to be  Ozone generator industrial based on the domestic and to go abroad Chinese companies backed by the world's largest market, brand, cost, and channel advantages in the country, although faced with the challenge of lack of international management experience, but we believe that Samsung is expected to grasp the Japanese companies fell by learning opportunities. We initiate coverage of the TCL Group and Hisense Electric complete: TCL Group industrial chain layout, the closest domestic brands Samsung, Hisense Electric technology-leading rapid response are given a "buy" rating.
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