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Abuse of car electronic equipment is the most easy to burn out the fuse

With the gradual increase of private cars, some owners will refrigerators, reversing radar; own car fitted car some will mobile phones, notebook in the car to charge, not knowing that High voltage ozone generator these automotive appliances if used improperly, can easily lead to accidents. Of Xi'an Aerospace Dragon Toyota repair technician said: "car space is limited, and spare their original circuit wiring points and circuit load is limited, therefore the the owners additional use of the circuit space small, a substantial increase in the electric car, free wiring, will lead to a short circuit, ranging from destruction of electrical equipment, while causing a fire., car installation of electrical equipment should be careful. "

    Sinus master to remind owners: "install additional appliances must be vehicle-specific, not freeloaders select car inverter, buy the products of the plastic case, they should have chosen the metal shell of the car inverter.Ozone water tester Because when the use of high-power car inverter, the higher the heat, if not timely cooling, ranging from the impact component life, while the risk of fire, comparatively speaking, good heat dissipation characteristics of the metal shell, will not burn. "

    In addition, the sinus master also recommended that owners do not own the vehicle electrical installation to installation must 4S shop or regular auto repair shop. Car circuit design, layout tends to be electronic, to load electrical requirements specification, if not installed correctly, or not securely, easily damaged, fall off, causing a short circuit and damage to electrical equipment, cause a fire.
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