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Every corner of today's world, electronic devices ubiquitous

Every corner of today's world, electronic devices ubiquitous, the evolution of human communication is unprecedented alarming rate with each passing day. Little attention to new technologies, and tomorrow we will be Ozone generator manufacturer treated as a cultural beggar. Little in the United States, not the common sense of some electronic devices, life and work difficult.

Interestingly, the latest version of the more and more electronic devices, all with a handwriting recognition system. Not only handwritten Economic Restructuring replaced printed, but as close as possible to the original handwriting display. We criticized the accuracy of the display system already, sooner or later but it would like to use the Parker Pen softness and hardness, high quality paper writing, like any of us handy.

Handwritten today the development of electronic equipment Ozone treatment machine scientists, businesses, customers and the community concern, and confirmed the handwriting still has its own value. A thank you card, birthday cards, condolences card ...... the United States today, since primary school until the elders will solemnly handwriting of few words; many employers, the last dish in the interview is to allow candidates to write a paragraph of text. it is very likely to be the key to exercise discretion; even the most lawyers who specializes in computer text, face or handwritten transcript majority, convenient and affordable.

The value of handwritten debate as early as 200 years ago began. William Muke behalf Bloomsbury MG 1825 called on the education core foundation one is writing. Clear and neat handwriting can greatly contribute to the students' IQ development, help students to spell and remember. Recent decades, the study clearly confirmed this specification education other means unattainable: can not complete the the handwriting training of students, often in reading, memory or high school level of education failure; while fully mastering handwriting on logical, organizational, correction, and self-control of the text, are of great benefit.

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