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Modern electronic inspection equipment for enterprises to solve problems

    Wire electronic patrol within a certain range of integrated wiring patrol on patrol point, patrol officers carry information button or information card, the scope of the wiring patrol; managers simply the central control room Ozone generator can see where the patrol officers patrol routes, as well as to reach the the patrol point of time; accidents such as patrol officers, there is no card reader, the center can check quickly to deal with unexpected events. -Line real-time control, in some particularly demanding on patrol or patrol work has some risk, are more suited to the use of online systems. In addition, the more access points within the district management area, combined with access control wiring, and can also use the online patrol system.

    Patrol the basic principle is to install a series of RF card represents a different point in the inspection line (also known as proximity card, button, fixed card number) inspections to inspection staff with handheld inspection the reader, on behalf of the card number and the time and circumstances recorded. Upon ozonator completion of the inspection inspection through the communication line data to computer software processing, inspection of (people, place, time, etc.) can be recorded and assessment, scientific management personnel.

    Non-contact Patrol near the patrol point to read the information, free from dust, rain, snow, ice and other environmental impact, easy to use. The traditional contact Patrol must be very accurately in contact with the information button is very convenient, especially at night. Contact Patrol due to frequent Patrol point contact can easily result in contact failure patrol rod, dust, rain, snow, ice and other environment because they had been exposed to receive the impact and unusable.


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