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Drum junction will be located electronic police monitoring uncivilized driving behavior

 this year, the Drum Tower Road, Panlong District will conduct comprehensive remediation, additional electronic police at an intersection to improve traffic conditions along the road.

     Drum Road, 450 meters long, two-way four-lane,Ican Ozone generator connecting Beijing Road and Riverside Road, Park West's major cities slip road on both sides, mostly commercial and residential land, while both the life of the road and transport properties. Accordance with the "greening, landscaping, cleaning, lighting" requirements, this year, the Drum Tower Road, Panlong District will conduct road and traffic, municipal pipelines underground and overhead lines into reform, building facades Ozone treatment machine and storefronts shop signs along the road landscaping and other comprehensive treatment.

     Road and traffic regulation, Panlong will be carried out within the Drum Tower Road roadway milling, re-laying of asphalt concrete pavement and sidewalk concrete situation seriously damaged pieces, replaced by better quality natural materials. While Pedestrian lights set blind voice prompt system, signalized intersections and additional electronic police monitoring equipment, etc., on the traffic flow, uncivilized driving behavior monitoring, while upgrading along the traffic environment.
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