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ozone generator air purifier

ozone generator air purifier used in space disinfection:
1 Sterilization: ozone, bacteria, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms strong killing, kill the virus through direct damage to the RNA and completed by the NDA material industry, and kill bacteria, virus class microbial process ozone first role in the cell membrane, and then destroy the membrane organization until dissolved death.
2, in addition to the different smell: ozone to remove mildew, fishy, smelly odor is very effective, it can quickly oxidative decomposition odor of chemicals.
Mildew fresh: Ozone diffuse gas, disinfection no dead ends, the machine can achieve self-run sterilization mildew. Fruits and vegetable species not only sterilization mildew, extend shelf life, and rapid decomposition of the fruit and vegetable breathing excluded collar quickly mature and ethylene gas.
, Expelling harmful pest: identified and so the FDA rats expulsion disinfect clothing storage bins, can prevent infestation.
Third, ozone air purifiers in food factories, pharmaceutical, cosmetics factory applications:
Ozone applications in the pharmaceutical industry's main aspects:
First GMP workshop and equipment, appliance surface disinfection
Second, central air-conditioning system disinfection
Third, the disinfection of the locker room and overalls
The production and processing of water sterilization purification
The preparation of high concentration ozone disinfectant; canning, processing equipment disinfection.
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