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FO-2 oxygen generator 
Generating capacity : 2Nm³/h
Gas source : air
Power supply : 220V50Hz
Power : 250W
Net weight : 115kg
Size : 850*560*1200
Production characteristic : 
     FO series oxygen generator : Special produced for matching the medium type ozone generator with more100 grams .

model oxygen capacity power supply power net weight size(L*W*H)
FY-3 3L/min 220V50Hz 400W 40kg 450*340*680
FY-6 6L/min 220V50Hz 500W 50kg 500*420*760
FY-8 8L/min 220V50Hz 500W 50kg 500*420*760
FY-12 12L/min 220V50Hz 1000W 100kg 600*1200*900
FY-16 16L/min 220V50Hz 1000W 100kg 600*1200*900
FY-24 24L/min 220V50Hz 1500W 140kg 600*1600*900
FO-2 2m³/h 220V50Hz 250W 115kg 850*560*1200
FO-3 3m³/h 220V50Hz 250W 120kg 850*560*1200
FO-4 4m³/h 220V50Hz 2000W 200kg 760*1000*1300
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