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CFKZ Air Source Ozone

CFKZ Air Source Ozone Combination Set   

    Take air as gas source, with non-oil air compressor ,it can get clean and dry air (dew point under -45℃) after deep dry

 treatment by the low dew point combination drier, which is sent to the CFK series ozone generator, then ozone comes out.


(1) It almost not be affected by climate and environment and can ensure rated generating ozone quantity under hot and humid summer (above 35℃ room temperature , above 80% relative humidity). 

(2) Ozone Generator uses configuration of building block combination type (drawer style), which is compact and reason

able, easy to operate and maintain. 


 Main application field :  

* Disinfect and sterilize purified water , mineral water , beverage (material water ) , treat medium water and wastewater .  

* Disinfect and sterilize aseptic workshop with the outside centralizing method . 

* Produce high concentrated ozone water , rinse and spray raw material and accessorial material , clean vegetables and fruits, 

  to reach the purpose of disinfecting and sterilizing the surface .  

* Produce high concentrated ozone water , disinfect and sterilizepipeline and utensils .  

* Decolor the high level oxidation technology of chemical and industrial system .