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Disinfection and sterilization with ozone has such advantages as high efficiency , broad-spectrum, lustration, shortcut, economy, and convenient etc. Concentration of ozone sterilization is the key . Practice is proved : if the concentration of ozone in the clean  water is up to 0.3mg/L , it can kill 100% bacteria propagulum in water ; in the air , the concentration with up to 15PPM (30mg/m³ ) can kill 99% bacteria . The tester can help to check out ozone concentration .

CHYC-1 Ozone Concentration Speedy Tester 

•Use : Test ozone concentration in water 

•Testing Method: Add 5ml tested ozone water into A and B cuvette respectively, add a small bag of DPD testing powder into

 B cuvette at the same time, water turns red at once, turn Color disk to compare colors of two windows, while they are at the 

 same color, the ozone concentration in water is the date got from the reading window.

Note: DPD powder can be directly purchased from our company after they are used out.