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CHYS-1D-3 all-in-one ozone water treatment device  

Gas source: air   

Power supply: 220V50Hz    

Power: 800W   

Net weight: 35kg   

Size: 600*400*1100  

Treating capacity: 1 m3/h

According to Customer's requirement, meet different capacity, different ozone concentration .

Characteristic : 

  CHYS-1D-3 is mainly consist of CFK-3 ozone generator, GH-1 tube mixer, CHL2-30 water pump, buffer tank and so on. 

It can treat 1 cubic meter per hour. What’s more, put all the parts into one rack.   


  This equipment is specifically suitable for disinfecting and sterilizing clean water of small-scale purified water plant, food and 

beverage factory, make high concentration ozone water for sterilizing raw materials of foodstuff, fruits and cleaning vegetable,

as well as cleaning of such utensils as bottle and jar pot, etc.. 


  CHYS-αD-β is consist of CFK series ozone generator , GH-α tube mixer , water pump buffer tank and so on . 

"CHYS" means ozone water machine, "α" means water treatment capacity,. "β" means ozone capacity per hour .

modelwater treatment capacityconfiguration
CHYS-1D-31m³/hCFK-3 , GH-1 , CHL2-30 , buffer tank and so on 
CHYS-2D-62m³/hCFK-6 , GH-2 , CHL2-40 , buffer tank and so on