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ZJ-800 Air purifier

Air Quantity: 800m3/h  

Original Resistance: ≤ 200pa 

Purify Efficiency (to particle diameter 

of dust ≤0.5u) 

Vibration: ≤ 3µ m(x、y、z direction) 

Noise: ≤62dB(A) 

Power Supply: 220V50Hz 

Power: 300W Size: 800*600*520 

Lifetime of high-efficiency filter: 9600 hours 

Application : 

      It is a kind of air cleaning unit offering local clean working environment, can be used in new built or rebuilt small 

clean workshop ofmedicine, foodstuff and cosmetic, put on thewall(or ceiling) as purifying unit, which can create clean 

workshop with install ozone generator disinfecting. It has advantage of less investment and simple construction,etc..