KDM established the magnetic material R&D Centre in 2003, and established the Huzhou magnetic material research institute in 2006. We cooperate with Zhejiang University, Shanghai University, China Jiling University and other institutions to do the research and development of new soft magnetic materials.

The laboratory has successfully developed Sendust Cores, Si-Fe Cores, Nanodust Cores (KAM/KAH). And we also provide Neu Flux Cores, High Flux Cores, MPP Cores, Low Cost Si-Fe Cores, Super Sendust Cores, some special cores and so on.  All these products are all in mass production now and we get 21 national patents, 4 national key new products awards.

Based on above achievements, the laboratory was awarded as Provincial R&D Centre in 2008. We have a team of engineers with rich experience in this field, and they try their best to develop new magnetic materials which can compete internationally. It makes KDM a professional leading manufacturer which can produce high quality magnetic powder cores. This sets a new standard to the China’s magnetic materials industry.