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Application example of ozone technology

last update: 2019-04-11 10:58:17

Application example of ozone technology in all districtsOur company has more than thousands of clients from home and abroad since we researched and made ozone generating equipment in 1994.Related application domain is such enterprises as purified water, m

Application example of ozone technology in all districts

Our company has more than thousands of clients from home and abroad since we researched and made ozone generating equipment in 1994.

Related application domain is such enterprises as purified water, mineral water, spring water, beverage, dairy products, foodstuff, pharmacy, aquatic product processing, clean vegetable processing, meatpacking, printing and dyeing, instruments used in agriculture or forestry for spraying of insecticide, chemical industry, edible fungus and refrigeratory, etc. 

From where we accumulated definite experience, herein, we extract and edit excellent application examples from our working process as following for reference. 

Application Examples of Water Treatment Industry 

1. Purified water plant and mineral water plant 

It is recognized by full industry that ozone is taken as disinfection and sterilization technology for purified water plant and mineral water plant. Our company provides ozone disinfection and sterilization equipments for many enterprises all over the countries, among which, middle and large scale of enterprises are such as:

Guangzhou Yibao, Shenzhen Jingtian, Golden Sun, Wutong Spring, Hangzhou Xizi, Hupao, Ningbo Kaikai Group, Taibai Corporation, Wenzhou Yizi, Henan Aodili, Jiutou Ya, Palace Winery, Yunnan Tianwaitian, Taiyi, Tianbao, Helongjiang Jinyi Five-link Pool, Jilin Changchun Yatai Group.

2. Medium water treatment, sewerage treatment

2.1. A Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing took a project for treating with rinsing water recycle for a Beijing Blanching and Dying Plant. Using two sets of 150g/h ozone generators to treat with 14m3 rinsing water per hour, treated recycled water can be used again for rinsing, which project has both good economic benefit and social benefit. 

2.2. Integrative Sewage Treatment in Hospital

There are 200 beds in a Hangzhou hospital, where daily integrative quantity of wastewater effluent is 20m3, our company deployed 1 set of CFZY-36 ozone generator with oxygen generator for them, charging ozone to wastewater with GH-2 pipeline blender, after one year’s application, which sewage discharge reaches the standard through examining every day.

There are many other small scale hospitals using CFZY-6 ozone generator to treat with sewage. 

3. Ozonization treatment to production water supply 

3.1. A Foodstuff Co., Ltd. in Ningbo is an enterprise specializing in producing and exporting purified vegetable, whose exporting destination is Japan and Korea, where require high quality for the products. They deployed 2 sets of CFY-50 ozone generator water treatment equipment, to treat with running water with filtration and Ozonization, for marinate the purified vegetable. The product quality is very stable all the times after using the equipment and the client are very satisfied. 

Application Example in Food Service Industry 

It is very effective to apply ozone to food service industry, there are many successful application examples in the enterprises we provided with service. 

1. Disinfection and sterilization to workshop of food processing and packaging 

There is higher sanitation requirement for processing workshop and packaging workshop of cold drinks foodstuff, fast-frozen food, meat products, milk products and egg products. It can get good result with using ozone to disinfect workshop of food processing and packaging, normally it can reach above 90% extermination rate for kill pelagic bacteria and get rid of peculiar smell in workshop with using 2~5PPM.

Application example: 

(1)A Foodstuff Co., Ltd.in Jieyang Guangdong has 500m3 processing workshop, where is equipped with Model CFK-K-24 open-type ozone generator. It runs 2 hours every day, reaching 98.5% bacteria extermination rate, obviously increasing up-to-standard rate of product, which effect obviously is better than using ultra violet lamp. Later, this enterprise purchased 2 sets of Model CFK-K-100 open-type ozone generator, to carry out sterilizing 3000 m3 workshop. 

(2)A Dairy Farming Co., Ltd. in Longxian Shanxi purchased 21 sets of CFK-K-6 ozone generators (ordered 8 sets at first time and 13 sets at the second time), carrying out disinfecting and sterilizing to workshop of dairy processing and packaging, running for 2 hours every day, dairy quality was obviously improved with several months' treatment.

Ozone disinfection to food processing workshop shall be carried out when there is no people in, setting time for on/off with electric timer. It is better to set the time after off duty, of course, much better to set before on duty, and pay attention to keep above 2 hours for ozone decomposition after the machine stops if turning it on before on duty, so that there is no obvious ozone smell when on duty.

2. Build simple and clean workshop 

Bacteria moves about attaching on the dust, if there is a little dust in workshop, also disinfect and sterilize it with ozone every day, as well as note the sanitation rules when staff in and out, a good clean and germfree workshop can be built (which can refer to method of lustration technology equipment for GMP certificate in pharmacy plant), where can effectively prevent pollution in producing food. 

Its method is: set a sealed workshop, set ZJ-600 air purifier on the wall, and set Model CFK-K ozone generator in the workshop, carry out disinfecting and sterilizing with timing turn-on, thus, a lustration workshop with very good environment condition and little dust and bacteria can be built. This method is specially applied to rebuild old factory building and workshop. 

Application example: 

A Foodstuff Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou affiliated to Hangzhou Meat Ally Group, who is a supplier of KFC, has a packaging workshop (3000 m3) equipped with 5 sets of Model CFY-24 ozone generators to carry out disinfection and sterilization, and filter air with middle-effective and high-effective filter, lustration degree reaches ten thousand level, obtaining firm product quality. 

3. Purification and Ozonization Treatment of Production Water Supply 

Food processing manufacture often requires a mount of clean water to wash raw material of foodstuff. If clean water is disinfected by ozone, it will bring great help to disinfection and sterilization to surface of raw material of food. 

Application example: 

A Foodstuff Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, producing exporting net vegetable, uses 1 set of CFY-50 ozone generator to deal with 10 m3/h production water supply, and add 5g/m3 ozone after filtering with sand carbon. Quality of net vegetable is improved obviously and animalcule index of each batch of net vegetable for exporting reaches the standard, since using ozonized production water supply.

Almost all foodstuff enterprises use ozone water to carry out disinfecting and sterilizing raw material and auxiliary material of foodstuff. 

4. Disinfecting and sterilizing the refrigeratory and get rid of peculiar smell with ozone 

There are mainly four aspects of ozone application in refrigeratory:

(1) Kill animalcule, especially mildew spore in refrigeratory, since it is very bothering to use method of such chemical as formaldehyde disinfection, which takes long cycle, remains peculiar smell and exists risk to pollute the foodstuff. If using ozone with 12ppm concentration to carry out disinfecting under closed space for 24 hours, which can basically kill propagulum of mildew and bacteria. 

(2) Deodorization: ozone with 2~3ppm concentration can oxidize organic and inorganic niff and get rid of peculiar smell.

(3) Ozone with 1~2ppm concentration can restrain process of metabolism, prolong shelf life. 

(4)When exchanging the refrigeratory, disinfection and sterilization to empty house can use ozone with above 10ppm concentration closely for 4 hours, which availability is very good to get rid of peculiar smell and sterilization. 

Application example:

A aquatic products processing plant in Zhoushan, use 5mg/L ozone water to rinse and marinate aquatic products such as fillet and shrimp, etc. Use ozone to disinfect and sterilize processing and packaging workshop. Also the refrigeratory is disinfected and sterilized by ozone termly, link by link on sterilization, smoothly figuring out the problem of not meeting the index of animalcule of exporting aquatic products. 

In addition, if make 0.5mg/L ozone to be ice, which can be kept in ice for long time, with ozone ice, it can keep fresh fish, improving the shelf life by times. 

5. Use ozone water to disinfect pipeline, vessel, instruments and worktable 

Rinse pipeline with 0.5mg/L ozone water for half hours, pipeline can meet the requirement of asepsis. It is very effective to use ozone water to marinate vessel, instruments and worktable. 

Application example: 

A Foodstuff Processing Plant in Linhai Zhejiang did not carry out disinfecting and sterilizing piping (PE pipe) of production water supply for long time, resulting of serious pollution, and inner wall of piping deposited mushy dirt. But when they used Model CFY-12 ozone generator to produce 0.5mg/L ozone water for rinsing the piping for 1 hour, the dirt was removed. Number of colony and Escherichia coli in water in piping is checked to be zero. It is very effective to use ozone water with above 0.5mg/L concentration to carry out disinfection to bottle, bottle cap and beverage. 

6. Disinfection and sterilization to work clothings 

Some pivotal process in such industries as food processing and cold drinks have high requirement to sanitation and lustration of working clothings, so use ozone to disinfect working clothings is a high-effective, economic and convenient method. In a closing room, hanging scores of working clothings with hanger, fill in the room with 10-15ppm ozone, blocking it out for several hours, which can kill bacteria by 90-95%. 

Application example: 

A foreign capital medicine company in Hangzhou, highly requiring to sanitation of company, uses Model CFK-K ozone generator to carry out disinfection, sterilization and get rid of peculiar smell to bathhouse and mess hall, getting very good result. After using it by first time, they purchased by more orders. 

7. Multiple purpose with one ozone generatorIt is very effective to disinfect and sterilize with ozone. Considering cost of equipment investment, foodstuff enterprise can adopt method of maximizing purpose of using one set of ozone generator. 

Application example: 

A pharmacy plant in Tianjing only purchased one set of Model CFY-24 ozone genitor, but this set of generator processes 4 m3/h purified water and production water supply at day time, disinfects and sterilizes 500 m3 workshop by timing at night, and it is also used to disinfect and sterilize working clothings for 50 staffs on Sunday. It fully meets the multiple purpose of using one set of ozone generator. Investment is not much, but purpose is very good. 

Application Example in Meat Industry

A large scale meatpacking enterprise in Xiameng, apply technology of ozone disinfection and sterilization at three aspects: 

1. Disinfection and sterilization to air in intersected workshop 

Dimension of intersected meat workshop of this company is 7000m3, applies 2 sets of CFK-K-120 open-type ozone generators, placed at two ventilated machine rooms, carrying out disinfection and sterilization to the workshop for two hours every day, with 5-10PPM ozone concentration, reaching above 90% sterilization rate, getting good effect of deodorization and improving and environment and working condition. 

2. Disinfection and sterilization to air in cooked food workshop

Dimension of cooked food workshop of this company is 18000m3, applies 2 sets of CFK-150 concentrative and outer-facility ozone generators to carry out disinfection and sterilization for two hours every day, with 10-15PPM ozone concentration, reaching above 95% sterilization rate. 

3. Disinfection and sterilization to cooling water in cooked food and meat products 

.Cooked meat products made by this company needs cooled down by water, cooling water must be germfree water, which water must be disinfected and sterilized with non-pollution method, therefore, ozone disinfection and sterilization is the best choice for them. They use one set of CFY-12 ozone generator to disinfect filtered running water by 2m3 water per hour. The cooling water reaches target of zero number of colony and zero Escherichia coli through check and measure.

Application Example in Chemical Industry 

1. Decolor sulphoneacid in a chemical plant in Hebei 

Hebei Jingmei Chemical Plant produces sulphoneacid, but its products are with light yellow, it affects product quality. This plant uses 2 sets of CFY-50 ozone generator to add ozone into the sulphoneacid (method of gas distribution) for 24 hours, discoloring it obviously, and the products appear clear and transparent, greatly improving the quality. 

2. A distilled spirit plant in Haozhou Anhui, add ozone to alcohol to remove impurity. This plant uses CFY-12 ozone generator (already purchased many sets)to distribute ozone gas into alcohol, lowers content of carbinol, and gets rid of peculiar smell, bringing good effect. 

Application Example of Denitrogenation and Desulfurizing to Burnable Tail Gas 

A energy technology research institute in Hangzhou uses CFK-150 ozone generator to carry out denitrogenation for a brainstorm project of national keystone science and technology, meets 95% denitrogenation rate, and produces incidental products ammonium nitrate. 

Application Example of Edible Fungus Industry 

1. A biological products Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu applies ozone to disinfect and sterilize space of liquid inoculation room for fungus genus of edible fungus and fungus genus cultivation room, at the same time, disinfect and sterilize cultivation utensil of fungus genus with high concentration ozone water, obtaining obvious effect. 

The company thinks using ozone disinfection and sterilization is the best method to cultivate edible fungus for factory. They are carrying out embedded test and further practice for application item of ozone technology in edible fungus industry. 

2. A mushroom industry Co., Ltd. in Longquan Zhejiang 

This company has already purchased several ozone equipments such as Model CFY-6 ozone generator, Model CHYS-2 ozone water treatment integrative machine, and CFY-24 ozone generator successively since they tried out CFK-K-6 ozone generator to disinfect and sterilize inoculation room. 

This company mainly apply ozone in following items: 

(1)Carry out space disinfection and sterilization to inoculation room and fungus genus cultivation room

(2) Carry out washing disinfection and sterilization to vessel and instruments

(3) Carry out marinating sterilization to needle mushroom before packaging 

Carry out disinfection and sterilization to spray the large shed with adding humidity (spray with germfree water), it brings great benefit to them, prevent huge lost resulting from pollution pervasion of bacteria since using water spray.

Ozone Application Example in Bird Eggs and Hatching Industry 

There is good example about application of ozone disinfection and sterilization in birds eggs and hatching industry. A company in Cixi Zhejiang applies technology of ozone sterilization to hatching poultry.

1. Use CFK-K-6 ozone generator to disinfect breeding egg storage room for 1 hour by two times, to prevent the breeding egg from breeding mildew. 

2. Rinse breeding egg with K2MnO4 water and place them in hatching box, disinfect them for half hour with CFK-K-6 ozone generator, and heat hatching with electricity power, to improve survival rate, prevent infection of pathogen. After this company using technology of ozone disinfection, scores of enterprises in the area of Cixi Zhejiang all applied ozone disinfection and obtained satisfying result. 

Application Example in Aquiculture Industry 

1. A large-scale enterprise specializing in producing feed for aquatic product in Sichuan, in order to research the function of feed, the company built a large-scale aquiculture farm. During the process of cultivating fry, they apply ozone technology to carry out filtration with ozone disinfection, removing ammonia nitrogen and virus for cultivating water of fry. One set of CFY-50 ozone generator is applied to treat with the water, obtain good effect. 

2. A colleges and universities in Ningbo, during process of cultivating fry, such situation often occurs that fry was infected with virus and bacteria and a great deal of them died. Later, one set of ozone water treatment integrative machine from our company is applied by them, with which, they carry our disinfection and sterilization and removing ammonia nitrogen to cultivating water of fry, obtaining good effect.